Superplastic Fashion Soho Mushroom Massacre "Half Ounce" Superguggi 8 Inch By Guggimon

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Introducing the second edition of Soho Mushroom Massacre Half Ounce by Guggimon. He’s geeked, tweaked, and doubling down on doses this time around.

Fashion SoHo Mushroom Massacre Half Ounce rocks a transparent version of his signature removable mask, just asking to be identified with or without it. Juiced off double the amount of substances, he roams the streets of Soho psyched up on psilocybin–that probably explains his slime neon green complexion. Well suited for his rampage with additional detailed accessories, including a transparent axe and a see-through bag of janky bones. It’s almost as if he wants people to know what he’s up to. He’s not really good at hiding things, just ask TSA.

8 inch SUPERPLASTIC Vinyl. Limited to 1,500 made.

Details & Care

  • Multicolour - Blue & green
  • Vinyl
  • All-over print
  • Moveable arm & leg
  • Presented in a printed box
  • This is a Limited-Edition piece
  • Height: 8 inch / 20 cm